Brazil wood or Pernambuco is a rare exotic hardwood that is a burnt reddish-orange color. It is noteworthy that Brazil was named after this wood due to the fact that the vivid orange and burnt red colors of the wood closely resemble the soil of Brazil. Uses include but are not limited to orange dye, stringed instrument bows, and fine boxes. This is a very stiff wood that is the wood of choice for instrument bows. A glass like finish can be obtained for stunning articles! Scientific name, Caesalpinia echinata, this hardwood can also be called Ibirapitanga, Tupi, or Chakte Viga and has been laboratory tested with the University of Wisconsin USDA to confirm that it is the same genetic species as Pernambuco. We are really fortunate that we can offer this unique historic wood!

We CANNOT ship this wood outside of the USA.

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