Olive Burl

Olive Burl

Oleo Europa, grown throughout many areas of Central Europe, was planted by locals, soldiers, and anyone who has enjoyed eating olives or cooking with olive oil. Native European stock tends to produce larger boules with larger, thicker, and more stable lumber. Ideal for high end cabinets, end tables, and fancy turned articles. European Olive tends to have regular grain patterns (not fiddle back or burl) unlike the orchard trees in the United States. A rare and prized species in exotic lumber. Air dried 3-4 years and generally surfaced on one or more faces. Italy. This is the same species of olive that is sent from the "Holy land" it has just been grown elsewhere. California Olive is an outstanding looking hardwood that is sure to fit ideally with many of your projects! This has been drying for two years plus and has lost about half of its original moisture as of July 2017. Please be cognizant of the moisture when selecting this for your projects. It is ideally suited for clocks, decorative pieces, etc, but could also be cut into smaller pieces like pens, bottle stoppers or other blanks for small, fine articles. Checks, cracks, incursions, pin holes, and other natural defects may be present or occur over time. Shrinkage may also occur over time. Please account for live edge pieces to contain more of these noted defects.

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