Olive Burl

Olive Burl

Originating in Europe, Olive (Oleo Europa) root stock was successfully transplanted to California in the late 1800s. Orchard trees have been cultivated into shorter and more shrubby trees to ease mechanical harvesting of Olives, which does not allow for the production of larger trunks as in European Olive. As a result, the California variety produces incredible figure and crotch wood.California Oliveis best suitedfor fine turned articles and small projects.This stock was air dried slowly over5years. It is wax sealed and ready to use. It has fine, closed grain with superior alternating/contrasting color. Most pieces have minor defects such as a check or two or small crack that canusually be worked with or around. A small amount of moisture is present in larger blanks. Pieces contain a combination of fiddleback, burl eyes, and contrasting color lines.

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