New Species On Sale! Figured Ailanthus Turning Blanks

New Species On Sale! Figured Ailanthus Turning Blanks

Ailanthus altissima, also known as “Tree of Heaven”, is a unique species that has its origins in Eastern Asia. It can also be known as Sumac, Stinking Sumac, or Chinese Sumac. From the Simaroubaceae family, it is a vigorously growing tree and copious seeder that establishes dense stands. The tree height can reach 70 ft. Small branches and twigs have smooth, pale gray bark. The wood is coarse-grained and creamy white to light brown in color. It has similar working properties to Ash. Large, ornate clusters of small yellowish-green flowers are produced on the trees during June. In summer, flat, twisted, single-seeded winged fruits or samaras are produced on female trees and may remain on trees for long periods of time; individual trees may produce around 315,000 seeds per year. Beautiful golden & yellow colors are present which yield a unique look to projects. Shrinkage, checks, or cracks may develop if blanks are allowed to dry too quickly. Cut in July of 2017, this is considered freshly cut and will require twice turning methods.  All blanks are wax sealed; many have rare figure with beautiful color contrast! This material may have surface checks and incursions present throughout each piece.

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