Mun Ebony - Less Mun-ey than Regular Ebony!

Mun Ebony - Less Mun-ey than Regular Ebony!

Mun or Moon Ebony (Diospryus Mun.) is a rare species from Southeast Asia that is characterized by beautiful black striping and brown contrast inter-mixed with green and sometime faint red. The wood is dense and similar to Black & White Ebony. Mun or Moon Ebony is one of the most stable Ebonies available.  It is the least likely of all Ebonies to twist, bow, or cup if reasonable care is taken while working it.  Like all Ebony, the trees are small in size ranging from 35 to 50 ft. tall with only 20-30% having the desired dark colored heartwood that is merchantable.  Once the heart defect and sapwood are removed only about 10% of logs will produce desirable lumber or turning blanks. The wood is suitable for any high end article you are making such as jewelry boxes, knives, and pens. Mun Ebony is a great tone wood that has a nice bright tap tone for acoustic instruments. It has been suggested by many that it is a good substitute for Brazilian Rosewood. It is possible to obtain a high glass-like natural polish when turning this wood. As with any dense exotic hardwood, care will need to be taken when working with the wood to prevent checking.

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