Mexican Cocobolo Rosewood, Our Final Shipment

Mexican Cocobolo Rosewood, Our Final Shipment

This is the final shipment of Mexican Cocobolo that we will be getting. There is too much political and internal conflict in Mexico to continue buying so this is the last chance to get some! This is old stock that was pulled for rich colors and classic Mexican colors. It is all kiln dried, surfaced on two sides, and ready to use.

Cocobolo, Dalbergia retusa, grows on a thin band along the Pacific Coast of Mexico down through Central America. Our stock is selectively cut and logged by hand in Mexico, squared by chainsaw, and drug out of the forest by Mules. This is a very environmentally low impact procedure.Cocobolo is a true Rosewood, similar in color & tap tone to Brazilian Rosewood and considered to be a good substitute. It is denser than most Rosewoods and oilier. For best results in gluing, epoxy is recommended. Cocobolo has great working properties & turns to a naturally high polish. The colors range from any combination of orange, red, yellow, & black to violet. For this reason, it has also been called rainbow wood.

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