Masur Birch

Masur Birch

Grown in the forests of Northern Europe and harvested in winter from a frozen landscape, Masur Birch is a slow growing, short tree with a trunk covered by distinctive bumps and ridges that conceal a wood with a marble-like pattern. The most prominent patterns are under bark that shows a kind of bursting and cracking, as if the burl-character forces the volume out of the logs. This kind of pattern only appears when the tree has been in particular soil conditions. There are often live edges & pin holes associated with this species. Most of the wood has nice figuring that is very similar to burl or birdseye Maple though of a different origin. The creamy, golden color with occasional dark brown streaking yields stunning contrast for specialty and decorative items. Workability of this very rare wood is excellent. Our material is kiln dried and ready to use.

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