Massive Mulberry ~ Miniscule Price!

Massive Mulberry ~ Miniscule Price!

The Red Mulberry tree (Morus rubra) grows to heights of 40 to 60 feet tall with a diameter of 1 to 3 feet. The trunk is typically short with a round-topped and dense crown. Mulberry wood is dense and durable. Its color ranges from rich orange to creamy yellow with white sapwood contrast. It is a great turning wood with good working properties and an easily attainable fine silky smooth natural polish. Although Mulberry is a fairly common species in the US, it is rare to get large trees that are able to produce exceptionally large blanks like these. All of the wood from this special was cut from an unusually large 4-1/2 ft. diameter log that has air dried for over one year. We were able to cut some massive blanks that are 6 thick! This is ideal for anything from very large bowls to urns.Though it was air dried in the log for over a year, it is still freshly cut. Pieces are completely wax sealed. As the wood is freshly cut, please take precautions to keep it out of heat and sunlight. This is a great species to use with the twice turned method!

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