Mammoth Dyer Oak Slabs

Mammoth Dyer Oak Slabs

These massive Dyer Oak Slabs can be purchased by contacting our sales department at or toll free 877-672-5275

The Dyer Oak burl grew to record size in the fertile soils of Oregons southern Willamette Valley. With a massive 9 ft. diameter, it is a closer match in size to a huge Redwood burl. This was the largest known Oak burl in the Northwest, weighing in at a colossal 28,900 lbs. (14.5 tons). Special heavy duty equipment was required to load this on a low boy semi-trailer which had to be flagged for a wide load. Every bit of burl has fiddleback and interesting color shades that resemble Australian Black Heart Sassafras.Own your piece of this historic burl today!

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