Malaysian Jelutong Carving & Turning Wood

Malaysian Jelutong Carving & Turning Wood

Jelutong is a fine, straight grained, low density wood that is exceptionally suited for easy carving and turning while allowing fine details to be cut into it. This excellent wood can be easily turned, glued, stained, and finished. Jelutong is a large tree that can reach heights of 200 feet and up to 6 in diameter. It grows in the forests of Malaysia, Borneo, and various regions in Southeast Asia. While available on the market in Southeast Asia, it is not commonly available in the United States. The wood grain is initially white, and then ages to a yellow brown with time. A beautiful luster is often present. The end grain shows no noticeable growth rings but has diffuse porous open grain in no specific pattern. This is a wonderful choice for your carving & turning projects!

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