Lowest Price of the Year on Classic Bubinga

Lowest Price of the Year on Classic Bubinga

African Rosewood, or Bubinga, is a beautiful hardwood from Africa's West Coast. Though not a true Rosewood, it is denser than several Rosewoods. We offer Bubinga in special Pomelle, figured, and standard. A much overlooked tone wood, Bubinga is an up and coming wood that has beautiful color and the possibility of prized figure. Colors range from reds, brown and violet tones. Interlocked grain is very similar to Amazique (which is in the same family as Bubinga). This wood can be a little bit difficult to bend. Africa. This material is surfaced on two sides and may have occasional planer skip. Colors range from red & violet to golden/red. This is high quality African Bubinga!
We have a great mixture of figured to standard grades on sale now! If you’re looking for more lumber, buy bulk packs from 10 bf up to 250 bf!

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