Iridescent Patagonian Rosewood ~ 50% off Regular Rosewood Prices!
Patagonian Rosewood, Anadenanthera columbrina, is also known as Angico Preto, Kurapay, Curapay, and Curapau. This wood is extremely hard and dense with a Jenka rating of 3840! Patagonian Rosewood is a relatively rare species originating in Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. Although it is not a true Rosewood, it shares many of the same qualities and colors. It is less expensive than true Rosewood which is a definite advantage! Used extensively for flooring, cabinets, decking, turning, and fine articles, this hardwood is stunning when finished. Grain patterns can range from straight with alternating colors to completely wild with irregular patterns. Patagonian Rosewood takes a super smooth glass-like natural polish and is relatively easy to work for an exotic.

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