Innovative Ways to Incorporate Wood Slab in Homes

Innovative Ways to Incorporate Wood Slab in Homes


Every Home Needs a Conversation Piece

If you’re looking for that one signature design piece for your home, consider wood slab. The options for ways to incorporate this unique way natural wood are endless. No matter what your style preference, wood slab works with any décor. Whether you want a conversation piece for a main living area, or a functional piece in your kitchen or bathroom, you can’t go wrong by choosing a piece created with this special type of wood. While wood slab is often associated with rustic décor, it can be created into pieces that reflect any design personality.

Mother Nature Does the Design Work

No two wood slabs are identical. Instead of stressing over whether you’re choosing the right piece of wood, or whether the piece you want is being put together correctly, try letting Mother Nature decide on the design. Look for wood pieces that have knots or burls as these are good for creating unusual pieces. Also, see if your craftsperson knows when the logs used in your project were felled. Logs felled during spring and summer tend to have higher moisture contents, which results in unique coloring. Natural wood edges have interesting contours that can make wood slab projects resemble sculpture. Whether you choose natural or finished edges, wood slab project is sure to be a favorite accent piece in your home.

Beyond Barn Doors

If your style leans more toward the farmhouse look, a barn door may fit perfectly in your home. If you’re hoping for a more unique look, considering having a sliding wood slab door custom made for your home. A door crafted from a wood slab allows you to bring a piece of nature indoors, adding a rustic touch to your décor. If you want an even more unique piece, pair live-edge wood slabs with glass for a striking entryway door.

Waterfall Countertops and Tables

Waterfall countertops are a popular kitchen design and often are made from granite or marble. Why not create this attractive design using wood slab? A finished wood slab over a traditional counter base creates a custom design for your kitchen that won’t be seen anywhere else. The look is modern, yet elegant. Wood slabs are also an excellent choice for waterfall tables and look attractive as coffee tables or entryway tables.

Concrete and Wood Slab

Concrete is not just for floors and driveways. Wood slab and concrete make a stylish pair. What about a bench to welcome guests at your front door? An entire set of concrete and wood slab patio pieces is also an excellent choice and sure to be a conversation starter when you entertain guests.

Anything Goes

The possibilities are just about endless when it comes to finding ways to use wood slab in your home. Wood can be combined with metal, glass, concrete or rocks, but it can also be featured alone. The important thing is to find a piece, or pieces that are a reflection of you and your design personality. One thing is certain. Once you find the perfect wood slab accent piece, you can count on it to be a permanent part of your home décor.

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