Increase Your Home Value with Exotic Lumber

Increase Your Home Value with Exotic Lumber

Many homeowners out there are looking for good ways to increase the value of their homes. With the use of exotic wood, the value of a home can be increased along with the beauty and charm. The following is a list of great projects that can be done with exotic wood slabs.


There are a lot of different materials that can be used for counters these days. Marble, granite, and even cement are all very popular options. Another beautiful material to consider is exotic wood. Choosing the right wood that is hard and durable, then coating it well with a protective layer, can create gorgeous counters that are entirely unique. This kind of feature can be a huge selling point in a home that will quickly raise the value.


Far too many homes are largely furnished with items that are mass-produced in factories. While this widely available furnishing option is cheap and convenient, it will not make a big statement of beauty or wealth. Custom pieces made from exotic wood slabs will be memorable and beautiful in all the right ways.

Wall Paneling

Wall texture is another trend that is being played with a lot in the interior design world. Paneling is a great way to make a statement. An accent of this nature will be very unique and beautiful. Using exotic woods for such accents is a great use of these materials, and will quickly add value to the property by having something entirely unique and valuable in place.


While it will likely not be possible to replace every door in a home with ones made of exotic wood, it can be a great accent to replace certain doors in the home with those made from these foreign and beautiful materials. The best doors to use this material for are those that will be used and seen the most. The front door, the door to the pantry, and any place where French doors will be put in can all be enhanced in a valuable way with the use of exotic wood.


Hardwood floors have been all the rage in the interior design world for a long time, and with good reason. There is a sense of beauty, wealth, and permanence in hardwood that can't be had with laminate, tile, or carpet. It is possible to take the value from hardwood flooring and increase it exponentially by using exotic wood. The right wood has to be chosen, but the end result will be breathtaking and can certainly raise the value of a home.

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