Incorporating Wood Slabs into Your Home Interior Design

Incorporating Wood Slabs into Your Home Interior Design

We’re always looking for new ways to spice up our homes. One fun design trend that you should consider involves incorporating large wood slabs into interior design as a focal point for a room. This combines natural art with utility. Since each wood slab is different, and since you can use it in so many ways, you will have your own unique look every time.

Choosing Your Wood

Generally, people prefer to use hardwood, because it creates sturdier slabs. Despite this limitation in wood hardiness, you still have a wide variety of options. From something less expensive like birch to some more expensive exotic woods, homeowners can find a hardwood variety to fit any budget. Determine which wood colors and textures look the best given the rest of your room’s design. You can even check out some soft woods, too, if you don’t think hardiness will be an issue for you. Many people, for example, like to use cedar slabs, since they give off a pleasant odor that also repels moths. (If you are completely stumped and not sure what kind of wood to use, check out Cook Woods to see what’s available.)

Once you have selected a type of wood, then it’s time to look for your individual slab. Pay attention to the unique points and oddities in the wood, since those are what will give it character. Look at different patterns and holes and find the one that speaks to you.

Using Your Wood

Designing is half the fun, so be creative when you’re looking for new ways to get that rustic look. We have a few popular slab ideas to get you started, though. Slab doors can be used between rooms, though this involves cutting the slab, which you might not want to do. Slab tables, countertops, and headboards let you keep the original shape, which many people prefer. Shelves can be created from full slabs or from cut slabs.


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