How Using Small Wood Slabs in Your Home is Easy!

How Using Small Wood Slabs in Your Home is Easy!

Your home is one of the most important things you own or rent. It’s a beautiful representation of the things you love. One of the most important things throughout your home is the furniture that makes your house a home. Though a home can be dreary without the right furniture, one of the easiest ways to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home is by creating a beautiful piece of furniture with real, beautiful, and unique small wood slabs for furniture. Here are a few of our suggestions for a great addition to your home.

DIY Coffee Table

There are many extremely expensive coffee tables out there, but the best way to get a beautiful and unique looking coffee table is to make one. Be sure to visit our website at to find the perfect slab of wood for your coffee table. After, ensuring that the piece of wood is sealed and protected from any problems that may arise after completing the table, it’s time to attach the legs. For the legs, you can either choose slim wooden legs that splay out slightly, or metal legs to give your coffee table a bit of an edgier look. There are many websites that sell these types of legs, so look online to find something that fits your piece of wood well. Screw the legs in tight and set your new statement piece in your living room. Simple!

DIY Side Table

Another great option for an addition to your home, and a matching piece to your new coffee table, is to create a smaller version of your coffee table. If you like having mismatching pieces of wood, you could choose a nice walnut for one and a beautiful Maple burl slab for the other. Choose a smaller piece and perform the same steps for the side table as the coffee table.

Art Pieces

Another great way to bring the outdoors inside is to feature a piece of wood on your wall as a work of art. After all, wood is nature’s art! Place a smaller piece of wood on a shelf or hang it like a traditional piece of art. Add a couple of nails to the back of the wood and string a wire between the two nails for support.

Though there are plenty of beautiful ways to add the outdoors to your living room and home, but we recommend these three pieces of furniture for a great way to update your room. Check out for unique slabs of wood; if you can’t find something you like online, contact us for more options!

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