How to Use Wood Slabs in Your Home Decor

How to Use Wood Slabs in Your Home Decor

REV How to Use Wood Slab Photo1aA slab of wood might seem like an ordinary thing, but if it's used the right way, it can make a perfect, modern piece of home decor. If you're wondering how to use simple slabs of wood in a decorative way, then keep reading for a few ideas and tips.


Whether it's a coffee table, end table, or dining table, wall hanging, wood slab tables can work well with any home decor style. These simple, elegant pieces can be custom made or even made yourself, with some guidance from Cook Woods. The style of the piece will depend on the shape and design of the slab, as well as the type of wood that you use.


Wood slab doors are a great way to make a statement before your guests even enter your home. A front door that is constructed of beautiful, natural wood slabs gives your entryway a welcoming feeling that invites people in. The doors throughout your home can also be outfitted with natural wood doors to create a rustic or old-world style in your home.

Signs and Frames

You can also use slabs or planks of wood to make your own signs and picture frames. You can use paint, vinyl, or even a wood-burning tool to add a meaningful saying onto a slab of wood, then hang it in your home for a lovely custom decoration. Or, with a few careful cuts and nails, you can create a large, natural wood frame for a family photo or piece of art. A few touches of natural wood throughout your home can go beautifully with any decorating style.


If you want to add some beautiful floating shelves to a room, a few wood planks and the right hardware are a simple way to do so. Just attach a few brackets to the bottom of a wooden live edge slab, then attach the brackets to the wall. You'll have a beautiful custom shelf that exactly fits your needs.

There are many ways to use wood slabs in your home if you just use a little creativity.

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