Highest Quality Large Kingwood Turning Blanks!

Highest Quality Large Kingwood Turning Blanks!

Kingwood, Dalbergia caerensis, is a rare rosewood with violet/purple and light black streaks.  From the Atlantic forest in Brazil, Kingwood has been the wood of Kings for hundreds of years in France, England, and Europe.  Used extensively for furniture, cabinets, instruments, and fine articles, it has graced the halls of many fine, historical locations. The wood turns well and takes a high natural polish with little effort.  This is exceptionally rare stock with fabulous color and fine violet lines. All of the wood will have the violet colors once it has been turned and oxidizes slightly.  This exceptionally large stock is the highest quality turning material we’ve ever had in stock! It was dried in half logs for a year and then milled last week. Blanks are fully waxed, which makes them look darker/less colorful than they will be once turned.  We have not offered Kingwood turning wood since 2007 so for the best selection shop now!  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Some of these blanks are fully wax sealed, giving them a darker appearance, others are only sealed on ends and you can see the vibrant purple color underneath!

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