Genuine South Pacific Kamani ~ Unique & Rare Hardwood!

Genuine South Pacific Kamani ~ Unique & Rare Hardwood!

Hawaiian Kamani, Calophyllum inophyllum, is broadly dispersed throughout the South Pacific and some of Africa. It is believed that the early Polynesians brought the seeds of true Kamani to Hawaii. Kamani is a great wood for storing food as it lacks any strong smells. Traditionally it has been used for carvings and other interesting articles. Trees typicallygrow between 2565 feet tall at maturity. They grow on beaches and coastal forests within 2,000 ft. elevation above water but prefer growing on the beach with sandy, well drained soil.Kamani is an interesting tree that is typically overlooked as a timber producer as it appears more like an overgrown shrub. Small boards and turning blanks are the extent of what the tree will produce. Kamani wood is slightly denser than Mahogany but works well and takes a fine polish.There is some shimmer in quarter sawn grain produced fromslightly interlocked grain.Colors are similar to Hawaiian Koa minus the black streaks that can be present in Koa. The lighter colored blanks have some subtle figure while the darker heartwood blanks have warmer color tones.

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