First & Only Time In Stock - Very Rare Sindora Burl

First & Only Time In Stock - Very Rare Sindora Burl

For the first time in 16 years, we have in stock Southeast Asian Sindora Burl (Sindora siamensis). This is likely the only time that we will have this rare burl in our inventory.   These burls yield a very gnarly and highly figured grain with a wide variety of brown, golden, and tan colors.  Although difficult to turn, it is worth the effort as it shows three dimensional qualities that are highly sought after by fine artisans.  The gnarly grain makes the wood almost impossible to split which is an excellent attribute for pen turners needing to drill and glue small, thin pieces.  Some of the blanks in this special have an exceptionally high amount of burl eyes per square inch, making it an exceptional choice for fine articles such as knife handles.  All blanks have dried for 2 or more years; most are dry but expect some residual moisture in the larger pieces.  This is all the stock that we have and when it is sold out it is gone, so shop quickly for the best selection.

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