Figured Okoume

Figured Okoume


Okoume is also called Gabon (not to be confused with Gabon Ebony). This is a large African tree that grows 90-120 ft. tall and between 30 to 70 in diameter. The heartwood is salmon-pink to golden brown with narrow sapwood that is whitish or pale grey. The tree generally has interlocked grain that produces a good natural luster. Okoume wood is lightweight and strong, working easily and gluing well with a density between .36 to .42. It has a medium blunting effect on cutters. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of aircraft in Europe and boats Worldwide. These boards are quarter sawn or rift sawn (unless otherwise noted). They contain lots of figured and shimmering grain (varies board to board, see photos for details). Surfaced on two sides, kiln dried and ready to use, this wood is easy to glue and work. There may be an occasional surface, end check, or minor planer mark in only 5% of boards. Many of the boards look white but have nice pinkish/brown colors. The white color is simply due to the fact that the wood is difficult to picture. This clean and beautifully figured Okoume is a bargain for exotic wood from West Africa!

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