Figured Brazilian Mangrove

Figured Brazilian Mangrove

Mangrove wood, Rhizophora mangle, comes from trees that are in the family Rhizophoraceae, occurring in subtropical environments such as swampy forests fringing muddy, tidal, estuarine, and oceanic shores.The richest mangrove forests occur closest to the equator, especially in the western Pacific Ocean. These trees growfrom 45-70 ft. tall with diameters of 1-1/2 to 3 ft. in diameter. Uniquely, Mangrove trees are well adapted to growing in saline water having glands on their leaves for excreting their excess of absorbed salt, and evergreen foliage to aid in the retention of scarce nutrients as well as seeds that are specialized for establishing themselves in tidal mud.

The Red TropicalMangrove that we are offering is uniquely colored and figured; whether figured or unfigured it is similar in color toCuban Mahogany that has been recovered from rivers. Colors arebrowns & lustrous golden/browns with reddish zones. All boards are kilndried and surfaced on two sides. Figured areas generally have some open checks insmall round patches.This is ideal for thefinest projects.

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