Extra Large Claro Walnut Turning Blanks

Extra Large Claro Walnut Turning Blanks

Claro Walnut (Juglans hindsi) is a unique Walnut species that grows right around the area where Cook Woods is located. Combining beautiful violet and brownish black streaks with interesting patterns, Claro walnut is favored for high end ve Our latest newsletter!neer in cars, jets, turned articles, and exquisite jewelry boxes. Most of the supply originates in orchards as either production walnut trees or wind row trees to slow the wind and show property lines. Claro Walnut is a beautiful wood that is in high demand and short supply. It is dense but works and finishes well with the use of a grain sealer. All of the blanks in this special are freshly cut and wax sealed. These are excellent blanks that are 95% free of defects. The small percentage of defects such as a rough edge or slight bark edge will easily turn away.

Grading is as follows:

Figured: Richly colored with interesting grain patterns and a possibility of an occasional section of fiddleback, color or crotchwood.

Standard: Richly colored Classic Claro Walnut.

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