Exotic & Domestic Bowl Blanks

Exotic & Domestic Bowl Blanks

Cook Woods has an incredible selection of exotic & domestic bowl blanks

Throughout the years we have been thrilled to see the different projects and skill levels of the various turners who purchase our exotic blanks! We have species like South American Tineo (pictured), California Claro Walnut Burl, Southeast Asian Black and White Ebony, Oregon Myrtle wood and many many more. Our bowl blanks range from very small blanks up to extremely large blanks and we cater to both the very experienced turner and the novice alike. Most of our blanks are freshly cut while others are dry and ready to use. Our freshly cut blanks can easily be utilized by implementing the twice turned method. You can find tips for turning green wood at several sites:


AAW Forum

Cook Woods offers special exotic blanks that are unusual and very specialized (such as blanks with high figure/burl and exotic woods from around the World). While it is true that you can find some domestic species in your own backyard, we carry rare exotic woods or species of domestic wood that are beautifully figured and harder to obtain.

If you ever have any turnings that you have completed and would like to share photos with us - please email them to 4catherine@cookwoods.com





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