Exhibition Spalted Black Mango!

Exhibition Spalted Black Mango!

Mango is commonly grown for the fruit and as a shade tree. This is the tree that often has strangler fig vines hanging down from the trunk and upper limbs that you can swing on. It’s a delightful experience, but can be scary as the vine can break at will!  This batch of Mango is cut from a huge, amazing log that was hollow almost from end to end.  The grain is interlocked and has wild exhibition figure in almost every piece.  Colors range from golden, tan, and yellow to black, blue, and some orange.  This material has been freshly cut from a log that was cut 9 months ago.  Bowl blanks are completely wax sealed.  Lumber is shellac sealed on ends only and will air dry quickly with very little degrade.  Please note that small end or hairline surface checks, soft spalting, as well as some pin holes are present in some pieces.  All in all, this is amazing wood from a very special log!  We also have some live edge table / counter / bar tops available- Just Ask!

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