Exhibition Redwood Lace Burl Lumber

Exhibition Redwood Lace Burl Lumber

Redwoods are the tallest living trees that have ever been on planet earth! Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are the tallest trees, but their cousins, the giant Sequoia (Sequoia gigantium) take the record for the largest living tree in the World. In the mid 1800's logging operations commenced in the forests where these beautiful trees grow, leaving behind a path of stumps and logs that were deemed unusable. Today, stumps and logs less than 16 ft. long are being extracted from these areas. Most of this salvaged wood still produces solid wood that has been aged and slowly dried over a hundred or more years. Our Redwood is all salvaged. Redwood is suitable for large tables, bar tops, mantles, cabinets, Guitar tops, and turnings. Figured boards are sometimes available with flame, fiddleback, or burl eyes which can produce beautiful bass or electric guitars or other high end projects.

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