English Walnut!

English Walnut!

English Walnut, Juglans regia emanates from Circassia in the Caucasus and is the original Walnut of Europe. This tree was prized for its walnuts and was planted all throughout Europe and England. Color variations are due to the varied climates and soil conditions in which the trees grows. Juglans walnut is translated to "White Walnut" so finding dark striping and marble cake figure is the rare exception. This wood has been prized for centuries for firearm stocks and fine furniture. It works and finishes much like American Black Walnut.

These pieces have been air dried for 3 years, are wax sealed, and ready to use!  Although they are considered dry, a few may have some residual moisture present.  Photos show a nice color and figure! These special blanks were cut from a large, highly figured log that we purchased from a landowner in California who was taking out their orchard. Many blanks have excellent black marbled streaks, fiddleback, and crotchwood figure present. The pictures show exactly which piece you will receive so there is no guessing and all orders over $75 receive FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states!
English Walnut 11-21-17

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