Double Deal: Figured Bubinga Lumber & Veneer

Double Deal: Figured Bubinga Lumber & Veneer


Lumber: African Rosewood, or Bubinga, is a beautiful hardwood from Africa's West Coast. Though not a true Rosewood, it is denser than several Rosewoods. We offer Bubinga in special Pomelle, figured, and standard. A much overlooked tone wood, Bubinga is an up and coming wood that has beautiful color and the possibility of prized figure. Colors range from reds, brown and violet tones. Interlocked grain is very similar to Amazique (which is in the same family as Bubinga). Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. These are excellent, clear boards with various amounts of figure.

Veneer: This is the best waterfall Bubinga you will ever find!   Colors range from red and brown to violet tones. Our special log was sliced for us in Europe by the best veneer mill in the World. This is exceptional veneer with deep flowing waterfall figure that is sure to please. All veneer is dry and ready to use.  As with most figured veneer it will not be perfectly flat and will require proper veneer application techniques. Additionally, it is common to have 1-2” end splits; however, we have measured inside of these checks so you can expect the dimensions listed to be the usable dimensions. Please expect to work with these checks.  It is typical for the edges to be slightly frayed or rough (approximately 1/16” to ¼” into each edge). Please factor this into your final width. Most sheets are very clean and nice. The heartwood may contain several pin holes but they are scarce and most pieces do not have any. We will tape the ends of the flitches to protect them and carefully package this for shipping. This is an excellent choice for heirloom quality articles.

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