Desert Ironwood

Desert Ironwood

This is true Desert Ironwood (Olneya tesota), a unique species that is a staple for the carving trade in Mexico and is scarce on the US Market. Difficult to obtain and dry properly, this beautiful and very dense hardwood has a great deal of chatoyance (luster) which gives great depth and color to finished projects. When turned, Desert Ironwood produces an incredible finish that is glass-like and silky smooth to the touch. Colors range from black & brown to warm honey gold with a tinge of red. Checks are normal with this species as it dries in the desert for years before being harvested in dead tree trunks or fallen / dead limbs; we typically cut off 95% of them. Creative artisans use crushed or powdered Arizona Turquoise to fill voids. Our Desert Ironwood is from the desert Southwest.

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