Crotchwood Brazilian Cherry Blanks – Presentation Grade

Crotchwood Brazilian Cherry Blanks – Presentation Grade

Known as Jatoba in Brazil, Brazilian Cherry is a large tree with white blossoms above the rainforest canopy; these scattered trees are a remarkable sight when flying over at a low altitude. Generally, trees grow in a range from Southern Mexico to South/Central Brazil.  Jatoba is dense and durable and has become a favorite for flooring and cabinet manufacturing.  Rich, warm coloration varies with combinations of reds, golden browns, and green streaks that are more pronounced than American Cherry.  There are usually interesting patterns in the wood as well. Jatoba is denser than American cherry by 30% which is great for turners wanting a natural high polish and a bowl that will not dent as easily as American Cherry.

These beautiful blanks were cut 7 months ago and have lost some (10-20%) of their original moisture but are considered freshly cut. They are ideal for twice turning. All pieces are wax sealed to protect them during shipping and prior to use.  Rustic grade blanks (noted on applicable items in the description area) have checks and end splits up to 2-3" long.  You can make some exceptional turned articles from this wood by filling the voids with crushed turquoise and other crushed minerals. You will have to work with these defects as they will not all turn away.  If you need a piece without these defects look for blanks without checks or ones that we say that the defects will turn away. These are very large sizes that can easily make big salad bowls, platters, and other beautiful turned articles.

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