Crazy Curly Maple Sale!

Crazy Curly Maple Sale!


Acer saccharum (translated sugary) refers to the sweet sap that maple sugar is derived from.  It is known as Hard Rock Maple, Sweet Maple, White Maple, and Black Maple. During growth, numerous small leaves extend outward from the trunk surrounding it from the stump upward to the canopy. It is easy to spot because the trunk looks like it is covered with ivy.  When these small limbs are sliced off in the milling process there is a tell-tale bird's eye that remains.  The highest grade lumber is flat or slab sawn to show the birdseyes (not quartersawn as in curly Maple).  This valuable tree produces Hard Rock Maple lumber and Maple Sugar.  It is the state tree of 4 states.  Birdseye is only present in select logs and produces beautiful wood!  The wood works well and takes a nice polish. This beautiful, curly Hard Rock Maple is kiln dried and ready to turn! It is very clean material. There may be a superficial saw blade burn mark on the edge of a few. It is surface level and will sand right off. If there is a minor check it will easily turn away. This is excellent stock with great depth & luster!

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