Choosing the Right Wood Species for Your Bedroom Furniture

Choosing the Right Wood Species for Your Bedroom Furniture

When you take the time and effort to create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, you want to make sure to choose a species of wood that will help your masterpiece look amazing and stay sturdy for decades. This guide will help you choose the best wood for two common types of bedroom furniture: dressers and bed frames with headboards.


Many dressers use at least two species of wood: one inexpensive kind for the insides of drawers and one fine or exotic wood to look great on the outside. Poplar, Pine, and Basswood are popular options for hidden parts of bedroom furniture. They’re affordable, easy to work with, and easy to stain to match other furniture.

Veneers–thin layers of fine wood laid on top of less expensive wood–are helpful for decorative furniture like dressers. Burl wood, Mahogany, Rosewood, Teak, and Walnut are excellent options for luxurious veneers. If these classic species don't fit your budget, similar woods could work for you. African Mahogany (also known as Khaya) is a great choice in place of the more expensive Honduras Mahogany. If prized African Ebony is beyond your reach, Katalox can suit your needs for a rich, dark wood.

Bed Frames with Headboards

A bed frame needs a strong, durable species of wood to look and function well for many years. Myrtle, Maple, Oak, and Walnut are well-known for their strength and beautiful grain patterns in fine furniture. Most of these woods feature distinct waves and patterns. Any of these species that contain burl can make excellent curves and twists in the shape of a headboard. Their character and grain patterns also add a lot of character!

If you’re looking for more exotic woods for furniture, try Zebrawood or Padauk. Padauk looks red when freshly cut and fades to purplish or dark brown over time, so make sure you're prepared for this unique transformation if you choose this species.

As with dressers, you can use less expensive woods like poplar for parts hidden by the mattress to save money.

These are only some of hundreds of wood species you could use for bedroom furniture. Feel free to use these examples as a guide while you research the perfect wood for your decor, your budget, and the purpose of your project.

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