Chocolate Marble Cake English Walnut, Simply Delicious

Chocolate Marble Cake English Walnut, Simply Delicious

Juglans regia emanates from Circassia in the Caucasus Mountain region. It is the original Walnut of Europe. The tree was prized for its walnuts and was planted all throughout Europe and England. Color variations are due to the varied climates and soil conditions in which the tree grows. Juglans walnut is translated to "white walnut" so finding dark striping and marble cake figure is the rare exception. This wood has been prized for centuries for firearm stocks and fine furniture. It works and finishes much better than any Native American Walnut species. The grain is exceptionally fine and holds an edge quite well which makes it exceptional for checkering on rifle and shotgun stocks.

English Walnut from the USA is typically grown in orchards where the stump (root system) is California Claro Walnut (Juglans hindsii) grafted to the thin shelled English Walnut. English Walnut trees are generally small due to a weaker root system and do not produce a large amount of nuts. Claro Walnut root systems are very strong and in a sense turbo charge the growth of walnuts which is the goal of the nut producers. A plentiful, thin-shelled nut of high quality is produced. A wonderful by-product of the grafting is a California Claro Walnut burl underground and a larger than usual English Walnut trunk. Black or dark streaks are produced in a small amount of trees and there is a lot of discussion as to why certain trees have more of the desired streaking while others may not have any at all. When trees produce exceptionally large trunks and stunning striping, they are often used for firearms. Rifle blanks often sell for between $500 to $2,500 with some stock blanks fetching upwards of $5,000 each!

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