Cherry-Picked Savings!

Cherry-Picked Savings!

11-29-16 Cherry Turning


Prunus serotina is commonly called black cherry, wild black cherry, rum cherry, or mountain black cherry. Prunus avium is a European species that has been cultivated since roughly 800 BC. The wood produced is hard, reddish-brown (like commercial cherry wood) and is valued as a hardwood for wood turning, making cabinets, musical instruments and more. Cherry wood is also used for smoking foods, particularly meats, in North America, as it lends a distinct and pleasant flavor to the product. Young trees of both species have a straight trunk and symmetrical conical crown, becoming rounded to irregular on old trees. They grow to heights of 50-100’ tall with diameters of 1-1/2 – 5 feet. The bark is smooth purplish-brown with prominent horizontal grey-brown lenticels on young trees, becoming thick dark blackish-brown and fissured on old trees. American Black Cherry is a staple of high end furniture and cabinets in America and in Europe. Warm rich reddish pinks with light brown shade. Our stock has been carefully selected by hand by our purchasers in the Eastern U.S. Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides. This is a beautiful batch of very colorful Cherry! The end grain of these blocks shows fine color stripes with nice figured patterns. The color in all of this wood is wonderful with some very outstanding marbled pieces as well. These are freshly cut and wax sealed. An occasional rough edge may be present. Blanks are free of checks but may develop a small check during drying. You will assuredly love each and every one of these very unique blanks!

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