Ceylon Satinwood

Ceylon Satinwood

Chloroxylon swietenia originates in the Celebes islands. In this yellowish-green colored species, figured logs are rare and are quite costly. Most highly figured wood is cut into veneer.  This species has a tendency to blunt tools; however the smooth texture, density, color/figure, and rarity of this species make it a highly regarded choice for fine woodworkers. Uses for this fine timber include entire suites, furniture, brush backs, mirror backs, jukeboxes, marine uses and many other projects. Interestingly, a large bridge with a single arch of 200' was also made from Ceylon Satinwood.  The burning of the wood produces a fragrant, restful aroma that can induce a slumber in many and will kill Canaries. Today, Ceylon satinwood is a rare wood that is used for period reproduction furniture and is priced dearly, especially for figured stock.

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