Camatillo 12-9-16

Related to Brazilian Kingwood (Dalbergia caerensis), this beautiful Rosewood is rich with vivid purple & violet colors. Though related to Kingwood, the colors in this wood are more intense and the grain more demarcated. No two boards are alike; this is a very diverse and unique wood. Camatillo comes from Central America where it is selectively logged by hand and harvested from the forest by mules in an environmentally friendly manner. The grain in this wood is rarely straight and generally is figured. There is sapwood on most boards as the tree is relatively small, producing less heartwood than many Rosewoods. This extremely rare Rosewood species holds its purple color better than any other Rosewood. Ships to USA only due to Cites regulations.

This beautiful Camatillo has been equilibrium air dried since 2004.  There are strong violet colors. It’s an excellent choice for instruments, inlay/intarsia, box parts, knives, jewelry, and more.

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