Bright Tulip Wood Turning & Lumber

Bright Tulip Wood Turning & Lumber

Dalbergia variabilis or Dalbergia frutescens. Tulip is also called: jacaranda, bahia rosewood, pink wood, jacaranda Rosa, and bois de rose. This rosewood is a small tree (shrub) that averages 2-10" in diameter without sapwood. Most billets are 3-5" in diameter as this is a rare species and is only found in small 1" or 2" lumber or veneer and is not plentiful in either. There is a prominent heart defect that prevents many clean boards over 4-5" in width. In fact the average width is only 2-3/8". Weighing about 60 pounds per cubic foot, the wood is dense and takes a very nice polish. Tulip is prone to splitting when drilling holes for pens so use a sharp bit, letting the bit cut without forcing it into the end grain. Used for fine articles including cutlery, turning, jewelry boxes, and pens. Brazi.

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