Breaking Ground on our New Sawmill Facility

Breaking Ground on our New Sawmill Facility

You asked for big slabs and we have answered Yes!
We are building a new state of the art self- cleaning hydraulic sawmill like no other mill in the USA!
Join us on the journey & watch the mill being constructed...

When the new mill is complete we will be able to effortlessly mill logs up to 50 long and up to 6 in diameter! We can roll a 25,000 pound log with our fingertips. The most amazing part is the blade kerf (saw blade width) of only 1/10th of an inch. This new mill will cut boards and slabs up to 67 wide (1.7 meters) and is a real game changer. The sawmill head and hydraulics were built for us in Europe. There is a crane on the milling deck that will vacuum lift boards and slabs that can weigh up to 1100 pounds each with one operator. Massive table tops can easily be moved and stacked and stickered with one operator!
Interesting facts:
Maximum width of cut 67 or (1.7 meters)
Maximum log diameter 6
Maximum log length 50
Hydraulic log rollers (2)
Hydraulic clamps (3)
Hydraulic toe boards (2)
45 sawdust conveyor
50 HP 3 phase 480 volt motor
2,950 tons of rock, concrete, and - rock
Massive jib crane with vacuum lift device
Construction begins...

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