Brazilian Tulip Rosewood – color you won’t want to miss

Brazilian Tulip Rosewood – color you won’t want to miss

Brazilian Tulip, Dalbergia decepularis, is also called Jacaranda, Bahia Rosewood, Pink wood, Jacaranda Rosa, and Bois de Rose. Tulip Rosewood is a small tree (shrub) that averages 2-10" in diameter without sapwood. Mostbillets are 3-5" in diameterbefore milling. This is a rare species that is usually only found in small 3/4"thicklumber, small turning sizes,or veneer and is not plentiful inany form. Weighing about 60 pounds per cubic foot, the wood is dense and takes a very nice polish. Tulip is prone to splitting when drilling holes for pens so use a sharp bit, letting the bit cut without forcing it into the end grain. Tulip is used for fine articles including cutlery, turning, jewelry boxes, and pens. Brazilian Tulip should not be confused with Tulip Poplar from the United States as it is a completely different species. Brazilian Tulip only grows in a thin band of land on the Eastern side of Brazil South of the Equator. It is a genuine Rosewood that has a fragrant flower-like aroma and takes an extremely high natural polish.

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