Boxwood Shipped on Us + Lower Reverse Auction Prices

Boxwood Shipped on Us + Lower Reverse Auction Prices

Castello Boxwood, Calycophyllum multiflorum, originates in South American mostly in Paraguay. Although not a true Buxus species, it shares many of the same attributes that make Boxwood such a desirable species. You could not ask for a better wood to mill this is perhaps the finest grained wood in the World. It has fine, uniform texture that is silky smooth & takes a high, lustrous finish. The wood is able to hold extremely fine detail which makes it ideal for model ship building, instruments, carvings, engraving, inlay, piano keys, precision instruments, textiles, turnery, chess pieces, veneer, bobbins, intricate turnings, shuttles, spindles, bow staves, spools & more! Colors range fromcreamy yellow to variegated brown/olive-like heartwood that is generally only on one face.

Boxwood trees are described as small, producing logs that are usually 9 to 12 feet in length, sometimes reaching 16 feet. Diameters are often 6 to 12 inches although a few may reach 18 There is no discernible difference in color between the sapwood (usually deep) and the heartwood. Dark streaks, which are present in the very core of the tree, are in only a small percentage of the heartwood. The wood produced is straight grained and may contain a small amount of figure on quartered faces of select boards. The wood has no discernible odor.


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