Bolivian Ironwood

Bolivian Ironwood

This is a dense Bolivian species with the scientific name Caesalpinia pluviosa. Common names include Bolivian Brown Ebony, Bolivian Ironwood, Momoqui, Bolivian Coffeewood or Guayacan. The tree grows in semi-arid areas of South America, growing up to 30-50 ft. tall and 2-3 ft. in diameter. The density of the wood averages 1.01; it sinks in water when dry! Colors are coffee brown with a hint of red in heartwood and pale yellow sapwood contrast. There are usually interesting grain patterns or some ribbon figure in quarter or rift sawn boards. Dense, interlocked grain is somewhat difficult to work but has a nice medium luster when finished with high grit sand paper. This species is ideal for lathe turning. It has a similar density and working properties to Ebony but is more closely related to Pernamubuco, which is from the same genus.

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