Bocote (Cordia eleagnoides) is a small tree that typically produces lumber that is 3-7' long by 3-6" wide by 1-2" thick. It is logged by hand with mules in a selective cutting method in Southern Mexico that is very sustainable and responsible. Bocote is related to Ziricote and possesses some similar characteristics including black lines, density, and overall appearance. This Central American hardwood is more plentiful than Ziricote so the cost is 25-35% less. Occasionally boards will have Birdseye figure, beautiful swirling patterns, and/or good variegation. Yellows fade to a tobacco brown while blacks remain. The wood is exceptional to turn, with a natural silky smooth polish that is easily attainable.

Bocote is a really intriguing wood because of the black contrast. 4/4 (approximately 1” thick) lumber is kiln dried. 8/4 (approximately 2” thick)  has air dried for a year as of December 2017 and contains residual moisture; it is some of the widest material we have ever been able to get in this species! There are very few, if any defects present in this stock. You won’t want to miss out on this exotic Mexican hardwood!

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