Bhilwara’s Back! Looks like Koa, Less Expensive

Bhilwara’s Back! Looks like Koa, Less Expensive

Bhilwara, Albizia odoratissma, is a medium sized hardwood species from SE Asia that can also be known as Ceylon Rosewood, Black Siris, and Kali Siris. Trees grow to a maximum height of 80 ft. and a maximum diameter of 48 to 55 inches. Bhilwara is one of the top nitrogen fixing species. It generally grows in the tropics but a few have been known to grow in temperate zones. The heartwood in Bhilwara wood is golden to dark brown/black with some alternating color stripes. It is a durable and dense hardwood that is good for woodworking projects as it works and finished well. It can be compared to Hawaiian Koa in look and workability. Completely wax sealed, this beautiful species is air dried but may contain some residual moisture in the larger pieces. Beautiful Hawaiian Koa-like colors & patterns along with great workability make this an excellent choice for all turners. Enjoy the iridescent luster that this wood yields.

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