Best Dark Woods for Furniture

Best Dark Woods for Furniture

Dark exotic hardwoods are typically associated with luxury, which makes them a great option to use in elegant rooms in homes or offices. People who want dark wood furniture first need to determine the type of wood to use. Here are some of the top choices for dark wood furniture. 


Mahogany is a popular choice. It has a dark reddish brown color, but it darkens with age. Mahogany is easy to work with and polishes up nicely. It's also durable, so it holds up great for a long time.


Walnut provides a rich color, and the cuts possess color variations to add interest to any furniture piece. Some of the benefits of choosing walnut include the fact that it's hard, durable, and resistant to dings. People can also choose whether they want a smooth or textured finish.


Although it isn't used as often as mahogany or walnut, cocobolo is another great option when building furniture. Cocobolo ranges from a purple-red to yellow with dark streaks throughout. Over time, the color darkens and turns a deep orange-red color. Cocobolo is dense, making it a great option for things like desks and tables.


Wenge is another rare hardwood that ranges from dark brown to almost black. It's dense and hard, but it also comes in straight cuts which makes it easy to work with.


Like its name implies, ebony comes in a dark black color. The wood has fine-grained markers to help make it smooth and polished. Ebony is hard and heavy, which makes it a durable option to use with furniture.

For people looking for one of these dark hard woods, come check out our great exotic wood selection. There are a number to choose from that are easy to work with and would make great furniture. We can answer any questions about the wood to help people make the right choice for their furniture needs, too.

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