Asian Dua Burl

Asian Dua Burl

Asian Dua Burl - Dua, a rare and unique species from the Southeast Asian Islands, has a density similar to African Bubinga and colors that range from reddish/pink heartwood to Spalted brownish sapwood.  As the wood dries, checks form (which are part of the beauty of this wood).  Voids or checks can be left natural or filled with a crushed or powdered turquoise for a jeweled appearance.  Pin holes are present in all pieces to some extent as noted on individual descriptions. Material is dry and ready to use.  Pieces are ideal for a wide range of uses from book ends, clocks, desk pen holders, pens, bottle stoppers, to boxes and other fine articles. Please note that this material has prolific pin holes. When there are burl eyes most often there will be checks or voids. All items are rustic in nature and will include checks, voids, and incursions. This is a natural occurrence with this burl and you must be able to work with the natural properties of this wood. Air dried for over 5 years, material is considered dried but some pieces may contain residual moisture. Colors range from pinkish reds to blueish grays and browns. This is an excellent species for unique pen holders, bottle stoppers, jewelry, earrings and other small fine articles. Crushed Turquoise looks amazing with this species and we do have it in stock!

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