Amazon Rosewood

Amazon Rosewood


Macacauba or Platymiscium pinnatumis a member of a distinct variety of Platymiscium species that grows from about 15 degrees North of the Equator to the North third of Brazil. Amazon Rosewood is, in our opinion, the most defined and beautiful Platymiscium of them all. Over a decade ago, the Owner of Cook Woods discovered this species at a mill on the Amazon River while taking a small local boat procuring sources for the World's finest woods. Colors of Amazon Rosewood range from rich reds, orange, pink, and violet to black lines with defined sapwood. No two boards are alike so expect a combination of colors and contrast in a stunning visual palette! This wood is ideal for musical instruments as it has a strong visual and tonal presence. Material is kiln dried. Pin holes are found only in a few boards but are not considered a defect because of the Ambrosia-like color streaks produced. This wood is of high quality, unique, and rare.

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