Amazing Afzelia Burl

Amazing Afzelia Burl

Afzelia zylocarpa, known as Makamong burl in Southeast Asia, is a beautiful burl that is rare on the World Market!  Similar in appearance to Amboyna burl, Afzelia burl has more varied figure in burl form.  Pieces larger than 6" x 6" x 2" are considered large for the species.  All of this wood has aged for 5 years or more but large pieces may have a slight amount of residual moisture. Generally the wood is dry and ready to use.  There are small to medium sized bark incursions in most pieces.  Small checks are present in a few blanks and are generally noted. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with this very rare, vividly colored wood! You’ll love the high polish and stunning finish it yields.

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