African Bubinga & Padauk

African Bubinga & Padauk

African Padauk, Pterocarpus soyauxii, is a unique open grained hardwood from Africa that has a bright Vermillion color when first cut. Over time it slowly ages to a purple Rosewood color. Huge logs are sometimes available, producing beautiful, large boards. These incredibly large blanks were cut from a huge log. We only have a small amount of these huge sizes so get it quickly before it sells out! This is far from ordinary Padauk! The blanks are free of defects except for a minor incursion that will turn away on only a few blanks in the entire special. Air dried three and a half years, and surfaced on two sides or more, and completely wax sealed.Most blanks have a few interesting dark lines.

This African Bubinga, Guibertia tessmannii, ranges in color from red and brown to violet tones.Also known as African Rosewood, Bubinga was believed to be a Rosewood for quite some time. It has similar color, appearance & working properties to a true Rosewood. Bubinga is ideal for tables, bar tops, boxes, rifle stocks, knife handles, pistol grips, and just about anything you want to spice up. Theseturning blanks are air dried, surfaced on two sides, and wax sealed. Some residual moisture is present but the blanks have lost 80% of more of their original moisture.This was cut from massive trees 5 6 in diameter that produced some incredibly large and beautiful blanks. We also have individually pictured slabs of Bubinga and other boards on our Bubinga page!

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