6 Awesome Ways to Utilize Wood Scraps

6 Awesome Ways to Utilize Wood Scraps

When undertaking any kind of home improvement project, there will be leftovers. Fortunately, if the project entails the use of wood, wood scraps are easy to up-cycle into something beautiful. Some of the best, easy-to-do suggestions for reusing old wood scraps can be found online.

Of course, when it comes to using old things, no website beats Pinterest. When typing in "wood scraps," a huge list of cutesy-artsy things come up. Among them are the following 6 things you can create with your scrap wood.

Photo Blocks

Perhaps the most popular project on the list is photo blocks. All it takes to make these is a small block of wood, some paint, a way to hold the picture on, a picture, and whatever trimmings imaginable. After gathering the materials, putting it all together is easy.

Photo Clipboards

Photo clip boards are also a fun way to use wood scraps. Just stain or paint whatever scraps have been reserved for this purpose, attach two clips at the top, and then hang it on the wall. Use these for things like hanging pictures, chore lists, inspirational sayings, or anything else that seems suitable.

Little Chalkboards

DIY chalkboards are all the rage on Pinterest right now. People use them as walls, cabinets, chairs, cheese boards, and on and on. Apparently, there isn't anything a chalkboard can't do. The only things needed for creating one of these little beauties is some wood, some glue or other attachment, and some chalkboard paint.

Wall Art and Sconces

For those who are really creative, why not create wall art? This kind of project will allow the use of all different sizes, shapes, and colors of wood. Just find something to be the base, and then go to town putting it all together. If creating something truly useful is the order of the day, consider hanging sconces on the project and putting it up in a hallway.

From Boxes to Headboards

Depending on what kind of wood scraps are lying about, it may be feasible to put them all together to form a planter or some other kind of box. Popular variations on this theme include pencil holders, tissue boxes, and jewelry organizers! In a home with a rustic look, creating headboards and candle holders might also be a great way to use scraps.

Accent Wall

Last but not least, using scraps to create an accent wall can be a quick, inexpensive way to dress up an otherwise hum-drum room.

For more information about exotic woods and how to use them, contact a local dealer!

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