2 Woodworking Projects for Beginners

2 Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Anyone new to woodworking may want to practice honing their skills on some easy projects before going on to multi-step pieces. Here are a couple to start with whether you're using a traditional or exotic wood.

Cutting Board

It can’t get much more basic than this. Making a cutting board is a great way to practice sawing, using either a circular saw or a table saw. (Those using a circular saw will have to stick to straight edges, making design options a little more limited.) The first step is to pick out a nice hardwood. This can be anything from simple oak to more exotic woods, depending on the desired look. The next step is to draw a design onto the wood and then saw it. After that, all that remains is to sand it and to treat it with a food-grade mineral oil, using a clean cloth. The oil must be food grade so that it is actually safe for food. It should also be applied in the direction of the grain for best results. The bottle will have other information, such as drying time for that specific product.

Photo Frame

The next step up from a cutting board is a picture frame, which can be used to display photographs, art, a small chalkboard, or anything else. No one should worry about mitered edges at first. A basic frame needs four pieces of wood, wood glue, and wood joiners. The wooden pieces should be glued together as tightly as possible, and then a couple joiners should be hammered across each seam. After it’s weighted down for a couple hours and is completely dry, it’s ready to use. Those who want a less rustic look may want to decorate it first, either by painting or staining it. There are a few different options when it comes to hanging the frame, but a cheap and easy way is to use a nail-less sawtooth hanger, which can be pushed straight into the back of the frame. This is only for lightweight frames, though. Heavier pieces still need hangers that nail in.

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